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Vintage Book Profile Revue and Price Guide: Film Fun Annual 1951

1951 Film Fun Annual

Published by Amalgamated Press

Size Approx: 206x280mm

Weight Approx: 382g

1951 Film Review front cover
The 1951 Film Fun Annual featured Laurel and Hardy on the front board

Film Fun was a weekly British comic issued between 1920 and 1962. The annual ran from 1938 to 1961.

This 1951 edition featured Laurel and Hardy on the printed front board and a Cadburys Bournville Cocoa line-follow game on the rear board. Internally there was a sepia-tone frontispiece of John Wayne backed by Famous Cowboys of the Screen - pictures in small panels of Tim Holt, Randolph Scott, Bill Boyd, Roy Rogers and Charles Starrett.

Content also includes:

  • The Fugitive Father Christmas - a story
  • Wishful Thinking by Laurel and Hardy - a comic strip
  • Frank Randle Scores the Hat Trick - a comic strip
  • Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Taking the Plunge - a comic strip
  • Whirling Wheels - a story
  • Capped and Copped by the one and only Joe E. Brown - a comic strip
  • Laurel and Hardy get a Warm Reception - a comic strip
  • Abbott and Costello, A Misleading Affair - a comic strip
  • The Secret of Mardon Cove - a story
  • A Bare-Faced Deception starring Old Mother Riley - a comic strip
  • A Pressing Engagement Featuring Abbott and Costello - a comic strip
  • Frank Randle in A Striking Likeness - a story
  • Bill Boyd in the Bandit in Black - a story in panels
  • Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Down On the Farm - a comic strip
  • A Spot of Bother Provided by that Famous Funny Fellow Frank Randle - a comic strip
  • Lou Costello in Two Jolly Parties - a story
  • Joe E. Brown, Taken for a Ride - a comic strip
  • Old Mother Riley and Kitty (Lucan and McShane) in Getting the Bird - a comic strip
  • Bill Boyd in Rogues of Rimrock - a story
  • Twenty Questions (Quiz, solutions on a later page)
  • Film Fun Crossword (solutions on a later page)

This copy of the 1951 Film Fun Annual was in good condition. The crossword had been completed in pencil and the owner's name panel on the front free endpaper had been completed in ink.

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Approx. value in this condition: £15.00