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About Us

Pierre de la Mare, writer
Pierre de la Mare, site editor

Born in Scotland, reared in England and a resident of the latter for many years, I have always had a fascination for books and other printed matter (including ephemera). No matter how old or new a book might be, nor its genre or condition or edition, it will be packed with useful knowledge in the form of text, illustrations, or both.

Surround yourself with books and you surround yourself with knowledge: A knowledge of history, personalities, great events, stories, extraordinary images and designs, travel and places and a diverse range of other subjects. A printed book is frequently the result of months or years, even lifetimes, of another person’s experience, knowledge and expertise.

I recall as a child my father having books lined up against the skirting boards in his study, which was a large room with a high ceiling and an open fireplace. He had many other things in his study – an antique roll-top bureau, his stamp and postal history collections (which were huge), various artifacts from the Royal Navy, a very old Gestetner duplicator which often trundled away producing the monthly Royal Navy Enthusiasts’ Society newsletter, and an assortment of other paraphernalia. But it is the books I remember most clearly.

In adult life I have always had books in my home. When my father opened a general second hand shop in Gosport in 1977, I gained an interest in buying and selling second hand books. This interest continues today with my shop on eBay: My criteria when I buy a book is not what its financial value might be, but rather the value of the knowledge it contains.

This site is not about promoting my business: It is all about books as physical objects and the need to preserve them. It's about their authors, illustrators and publishers who have made this incredible wealth of knowledge available for us today and for future generations.

It's about sharing knowledge.