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Joseph Mawman, 1759-1827

Joseph Mawman was a London based author, bookseller, printer and publisher. There is limited information about his activities but he is perhaps best know for his travelogue:

An Excursion to the Highlands of Scotland and the English Lakes: With Recollections, Descriptions and References to Historical Facts

Mawman is accredited as the author of this book which he published in 1805. Although there are limited original copies available today, the book has been republished as an e-book - which seems to be the trend these days for many antiquarian books.

Joseph Mawman was based at two main London addresses while he was publishing books: 22 Poultry Street (1801 to 1811) and 39 Ludgate Hill (1812-1828). Poultry Street is located in what is now the financial hub of the City of London while Ludgate Hill is Close to St. Paul's Cathedral and Fleet Street.

It was not unusual for booksellers of the early nineteenth century to diversify into printing and publishing as these trades were less organised at the time. Mawman published prints but was best known for his involvement in the book trade. His publishing credits included historical, memoirs, travel and literary books.

Below is a list of some of the books published by Joseph Mawman (Note: Some were collaborations with other booksellers of the time). It is not comprehensive, but is offered here to provide a research starting point:

1790: Memoirs of His Own Life, by Tate Wilkinson, Patentee of the Theatres Royal, York & Hull. In Four volumes, by Wilkinson, Tate.

1802: Travels Through Sweden, Finland and Lapland, to the North Cape, In the Years 1798 and 1799 by Acerbi, Joseph

1804 ??: An Experimental Inquiry Into the Nature and Propagation of Heat,
by Sir John Leslie

1805: An Excursion to the Highlands of Scotland and the English Lakes, with Recollections, Descriptions and References to Historical Facts, by Mawman, Joseph

1805: A Historical Relation of the Plague at Marseilles in the Year 1720
by Mons. Bertrand, Jean-Baptiste and translated by Anne Plumptre

1807: The Present State of Turkey, by Thomas Thornton Esq

1808: Observations of the National Debt, by Foster, Richard

1809: Essay on Warm and Vapour Baths, with Hints for a New Mode of Applying Heat and Cold, for the Cure of Disease, and the Preservation of Health, Illustrated By Cases. With an Appendix Containing Observations on Scrophula and on Pulmonic Complaints, by Kentish, Edward

1809: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Sir Philip Sydney, by Thomas Zouch

1814: A Literary History of the Middle Ages: Comprehending an Account of the State of Learning, From the Close of the Reign of Augustus To its Revival in the Fifteenth Century, by Rev Joseph Berington

1814: A Treatise on the Wealth, Power, and Resources of the British Empire, in Every Quarter of the World, Including the East Indies. Illustrated by Copious Statistical Tables, by Colquhoun, P.

1815: Robinson Crusoe: the life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, mariner. Written by himself. A new edition revised and corrected for the enhancement of nautical education. Illustrated by technical and geographical annotation and embellished with maps and engravings by the hydrographer of the Naval Chronicle, by DEFOE, Daniel (not accredited within the book)

This edition was published in 1815

1817: Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay In His Majesty's Ship Rosamond Containing Some Account of the North-Eastern Coast of America and of the Tribes Inhabiting That Remote Region, by Chappell, Lieut, Edward

1822: Three letters to the Right Honourable the Earl of Liverpool, on the Distresses of Agriculture in the United Kingdom, by Baron William Joseph

1826: A Comparative View of the Various Institutions for the Assurance of Lives by Babbage, Charles.

1827: Bibliotheca Parriana. A Catalogue of the Library of the late Reverend and Learned Samuel Parr, LL.D. Curate of Hatton, Prebendary of St. Paul's, by Parr (Samuel)