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The Marine Paintings of Carl G. Evers, a first edition book published by Peacock Press in 1975. Including forty-five colour plates by the marine artist.

The Marine Paintings of Carl G. Evers is a book largely comprised of examples of the artist's work. These are arranged as single page plates with small captions on the facing pages. They show a fascinating selection of paintings of early masted sailing ships and twentieth century yachts, training ships, shrimpers, tugboats and warships. It is not a book for the reader, with only a brief introduction by Ian Ballantine, but for art enthusiasts it presents a super collection of marine prints.

Published in 1975 by Peacock Press, an imprint of Bantam Books (for which Ian Ballantine was one of the founders), The Marine Paintings of Carl G. Evers was designed by Robert Blanchard and printed in the USA.

Front Cover Illustration: The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst

Carl G. Evers (1907-2000) was a marine painter of considerable repute, working mainly in watercolours. He was born in Germany and studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and also in Sweden, before migrating to the United States of America in 1947. He gained a reputation for fine detail which was the result of extensive research including, where possible, completing original sketches from life. His credits include a number of book covers for Ballantine Books and Simon and Schuster, but he is perhaps best known for his work with the U.S. Naval Institute.

Ian Ballantine, who wrote the introduction, was an American publisher who worked closely with Carl G. Evers and was well placed to assess the artist's work. In his introduction Ballantine writes:

"..... The extraordinary talent of Carl Evers, the gift that makes his paintings so memorable, is his ability to capture the sea at the very point of its fluid restlessness, its ever changing patterns of wave and surf, its frothy spray and unfathomed depths. His sea is alive in all its many moods, clear and calm, mysterious, awesomely threatening....."

Rear Cover Illustration: Heavy Seas (a trawler in the North Atlantic)


  • Front Cover: The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst
  • Introduction by Ian Ballantine
    • Plate 1: Conquerors of Cape Horn
    • Plate 2: Vickers Voyager
    • Plate 3: Edmund J. Moran (deep-sea tug)
    • Plate 4: U.S.S. America (aircraft carrier)
    • Plate 5: The Joy of Sailing
    • Plate 6: The Lonely Sea and the Sky
    • Plate 7: The Romantic Challenge
    • Plate 8: U.S.S. Texas (battleship)
    • Plate 9: Santa Paula (cruise ship)
    • Plate 10: Chesapeake Bay
    • Plate 11: M. Moran (deep-sea tug)
    • Plate 12: Desperate Voyage
    • Plate 13: The Last Grain Race
    • Plate 14: U.S.S. New Jersey (battleship)
    • Plate 15: U.S.S. Thresher (nuclear submarine)
    • Plate 16: Weather Uncertain
    • Plate 17: Skipjacks Racing
    • Plate 18: Mobile Bay (shrimper)
    • Plate 19: Santa Rosa (cruise ship)
    • Plate 20: Arctic Delivery
    • Plate 21: Star of Finland
    • Plate 22: U.S.C.G. Eagle (training barque)
    • Plate 23: Full Load of Crude (tanker)
    • Plate 24: Schooner Yacht "America"
    • Plate 25: Gloucester Schooners
    • Plate 26: Key West Boatyard
    • Plate 27: Skipjacks At Work
    • Plate 28: Tug In Korea (deep-sea tug)
    • Plate 29: Ordeal Of Convoy N.Y. 119
    • Plate 30: Palm and Surf
    • Plate 31: The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst
    • Plate 32: Heavy Duty (deep-sea tug)
    • Plate 33: Ready to Abandon Ship (Flying Enterprise)
    • Plate 34: Brooklyn Navy Yard
    • Plate 35: Yacht Courageous (America's Cup)
    • Plate 36: On the Australian Run (Moshulu)
    • Plate 37: Caribbean Surf
    • Plate 38: U.S.S. Kennebec (oiler)
    • Plate 39: H.M.S. Invincible (battle cruiser)
    • Plate 40: U.S.S. Massachusetts (battleship)
    • Plate 41: Pride (yacht)
    • Plate 42: Repairing the Rigging (shrimp boat)
    • Plate 43: Doris Moran (harbour tug)
    • Plate 44: Old South Street, 1876
    • Plate 45: On the Scene Sketches
  • Back Cover: Heavy Seas (trawler in the North Atlantic)
U.S.S. America (aircraft carrier)

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Book Details:

Title: The Marine Paintings of Carl G. Evers

Introduction by: Ian Ballantine

Published by: Peacock Press/Bantam Books, true first edition, 1975, the softcover edition having preceded the hard cover edition by about one month


  • A softcover book with a dust jacket
  • Unpaginated, 90+ pages
  • Including introductory text, captions and 45 colour illustrations, each to single pages with captions on the facing pages
  • Size Approx: 280x229mm
  • Approx weight: 398g
Star of Finland (three-masted barque)

The Marine Paintings of Carl G. Evers, 1st Edition: Value

Although almost fifty years old at the time of writing this revue, The Marine Paintings of Carl G. Evers is a cheap book which collectors shouldn't be too quick to snub. It presents a super selection of the artist's work and represents a safe investment for the book collector. It is also the true first edition, a point which is often overlooked.

If you need values in US dollars, Euros or a host of other major currencies, a currency converter is included in the right hand sidebar of this page, and another in the footer area.

The Marine Paintings Of Carl G. Evers with an introduction by Ian Ballantine, 1975 1st edition, softcover, estimated value of the pictured copy, which is in very good condition, £8