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The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms including surnames from H to K. The pseudonyms used by: Charles Hamilton, Mary Agnes Hamilton, Claude Hardy, Martha Henissart, Henry William Herbert, Lazar Herman, Philip Arnold Heseltine, Eleanor Alice Hibbert, Eleanor Alice Burford, Thomas Hill, Washington Irving, James Harvey Trevithick Ivory, Henry Edward Jacob, Florence James, Florence Alice Price, Godfrey Warden James, Charles Keller, Charles Frederick Kenyon, Leonard Knapp, Eric Mowbray Knight and Dean Koontz.

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In The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms the author's name appears first, arranged alphabetically by surname. This is followed by his or her lifespan, pseudonyms associated with the said writer and some brief explanatory notes. Entries are arranged over several pages and, as I am using a database to store the information, the list will be expanded periodically.

This page covers authors with surnames beginning with: J to K.

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I am also publishing an alternative: The A-Z of Pseudonyms and the Writers Who Use Them.

Authors and Their Pseudonyms: H to K

  • Hamilton, Charles (1876-1961)
    • Charles Hamilton mainly wrote short stories and novels for children
    • He was known to use many pseudonyms, the best known being Frank Richards (Billy Bunter books)
    • He wrote some romantic fiction as Winston Cardew
    • He wrote as Martin Clifford for publications such as Boy's Friend, Triumph and Pluck
    • As Harry Clifton he wrote for Chuckles
    • He wrote as Clive Clive for School and Sport
    • Writing for Modern Boy he used the pseudonym Sir Alan Cobham
    • As Owen Conquest he wrote for publications such as Gem, Magnet and Greyfriars Herald
    • As Gordon Conway he wrote for Vanguard Library and Funny Cuts
    • Writing for Coloured Comic and World's Comic he used the pseudonym Freeman Fox
    • As Hamilton Greening he wrote for Funny Cuts
    • As Cecil Herbert he wrote for Vanguard Library and Funny Cuts
    • Writing for Chuckles, Empire Library and B.F.L. he used the pseudonym Prosper Howard
    • As Robert Jennings he wrote for Picture Fun
    • As Gillingham Jones he wrote for Picture Fun, Vanguard Library and Funny Cuts
    • Writing for Smiles he used the pseudonym Harcourt Lewelyn
    • As Clifton Owen he wrote for Diamond Library and Jack's Paper
    • As Ralph Redway he wrote for Modern Boy, Ranger, Popular and B.F.L.
    • Writing for Vanguard Library, Funny Cuts, Picture Fun and Smiles he used the pseudonym Riley Redway
    • As Hilda Richards he wrote for Schoolfriend
    • As Raleigh Robins he wrote for Funny Cuts
    • Writing for Funny Cuts and Picture Fun he used the pseudonym Robert Rogers
    • As Robert Stanley he wrote for Vanguard Library, Best Budget, Funny Cuts and Larks
    • As Nigel Wallace he wrote for Vanguard Library
    • Writing for Picture Fun he used the pseudonym Talbot Winyard
  • Hamilton, Mary Agnes (1882-1966)
    • Journalist and Labour politician
    • Best known for her biographical portrait of Ramsay Macdonald
    • She wrote in her own name and using the pseudonym Iconociast
  • Hardy, Claude (1604-1678)
    • French linguist, mathematician and lawyer
    • Best known for translating the works of Erasmus and Euclid into thirty-six different languages
    • He used his own name and the pseudonym Anthoine Vasset
  • Henissart, Martha (1929-)
    • Crime thriller writer
    • The pseudonym R.B. Dominic was used by Mary Jane Latsis and Martha Henissart jointly for collaborations
    • They also used the pseudonym Emma Lathen
    • The Dominic books included Epitaph for a Lobbyist (1974)
  • Herbert, Henry William (1807-1858)
    • English novelist, poet and sports writer
    • The Frank Forester pseudonym was used for sports publications including The Field Sports of the United States and British Provinces (1849)
  • Herman, Lazar (1896-1961)
    • Russian-American author who wrote mainly in the German language
    • He often used the pseudonym Leo Lania
    • Best known for a book about the rise of the Nazi movement: Die Gravegräber Deutschlands (1924)
  • Heseltine, Philip Arnold (1894-1930)
    • British author and journalist who also composed music
    • Much of of his music was submitted for publication under the name Peter Warlock
  • Hibbert, Eleanor Alice (née Burford) (1906-1993)
    • A prolific writer
    • Hibbert wrote in a number of different genres, using different pen names for each
    • As Eleanor Burford (her maiden name), she wrote most of her early books including Daughter of Anna (1941)
    • As Philippa Carr she wrote family sagas such as the Miracle at St Bruno's - the first book of her Daughters of England Series (1972)
    • As Elbur Ford she wrote some thrillers such as Poison in Pimlico (1950)
    • As Victoria Holt she wrote Gothic romances, such as Mistress of Merlin (1960)
    • As Kathleen Kellow she wrote books such as Dance Macabre (1952)
    • Some of the Kellow books were republished using the Plaidy pseudonym
    • As Anna Percival she wrote The Brides of Lanlory (1960)
    • As Jean Plaidy she mainly wrote novels of European royalty including Katharine, The Virgin Widow (1961)
    • As Ellalice Tate she wrote five books including the Queen of Diamonds (1958)
    • All the Kellow books were later republished using the Plaidy pseudonym
  • Hill, Thomas (1528-1574)
    • Under the pseudonym Didymus Mountain he wrote The Gardener's Labyrinth (1597)

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Authors and Their Pseudonyms: H to K

  • Irving, Washington (1783-1859)
    • Washington Irving was an American essayist and short story writer
    • He used numerous pseudonyms
    • He wrote as Geoffrey Crayon in The Knickerbocker magazine
    • As Diedrich Knickerbocker he wrote the book A History of New York (1809)
    • He contributed to Salmagundi, a literary magazine, as William Wizard
    • Contributing to the same publication he also used the name Lancelot Longstaff
    • He wrote letters to the Morning Chronicle as Jonathan Oldstyle
  • Ivory, James Harvey Trevithick (1921-2005)
    • A British engineer
    • Using the pseudonym Walter Walkham he wrote the sci-fi book When Earth Trembled (1980)
  • Jacob, Henry Edward (1889-1967)
    • German-American journalist and writer
    • As Eric Jens Petersen his credits included the novella Who Called You Here (1942)
    • He also used the names Heinrich Eduard Jacob and Henry E. Jacob
  • James, Florence (née Price, her birth name being Florence Alice Price)
    • Actress and novelist
    • She used the pseudonym Florence Warden
    • Her best known work, The House on the Marsh (1884) was produced as a play (1884) and a silent movie (1920)
  • James, Godfrey Warden (1888-1963)
    • Son of novelist Florence James
    • Godfrey wrote a number of books as Adam Broome
  • Keller, Charles (1843-1913)
    • A French engineer and poet
    • He wrote a number of early Marxist and socialist publications
    • He is known to have used the name Jacques Turbin
  • Kenyon, Charles Frederick (1879-1926)
    • British poet, author, journalist and composer
    • As Gerald Cumberland his first of two books was Set Down in Malice: A Book of Reminiscences (1919)
  • Knapp, Leonard (1915-1993)
    • American fantasy and science fiction writer
    • As John Alvarez he wrote the short story Fifth Freedom (1943)
    • As Marion Henry he wrote the short story The Renegade (1943)
    • As Philip James he collaborated with Michael Moorcock on the novel The Distant Suns (1975) and he wrote the short story Carillon of Skulls (1941)
    • His first published novel as Eric van Lhin was Battle on Mercury (1953)
    • Leonard Knapp shared the Edson McCann pseudonym with Frederik Pohl for their collaboration: Preferred Risk (1955)
    • Lester Del Rey was the name Knapp used the most, including for Marooned on Mars (1952)
    • Knapp used the Charles Satterfield pseudonym for collaborations with Frederik George Pohl, for short stories which appeared in 1960s collections
    • His first published novel as Philip St. John was Rocket Jockey (1952)
    • His first published novel as Kenneth Wright was The Mysterious Planet (1953)
  • Knight, Eric Mowbray (1897-1943)
    • An English novelist best known for Lassie Come Home (1940)
    • As Richard Hallas, he wrote You Play The Black And The Red Comes Up (1940)
  • Koontz, Dean (1945-)
    • American writer of suspense thrillers
    • Koontz has used numerous pseudonyms
    • His first published book as David Axton was Prison of Ice (1976)
    • His first published book as Brian Coffey was The Face of Fear (1977)
    • His first published book as Deanna Dwyer was Demon Child (1971)
    • His first published book as K.R. Dwyer was Chase (1972)
    • His first published book as John Hill was The Long Sleep (1975)
    • His first published book as Leigh Nichols was The Key to Midnight (1979)
    • His first published book as Anthony North was Strike Deep (1974)
    • His first published book as Richard Paige was The Door to December (1985)
    • His first published book as Owen West was The Funhouse (1980)
    • His first published book as Aaron Wolfe was Invasion (1975)

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