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The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms, this page covering surnames beginning with R to W and including: Francois Rabelais, Hugh Crauford Rae, Peggy Coughlan, René Lodge Brabazon Raymond, James Hadley Chase, Hugues Rebell, Antoine de Rivarol, Nora Roberts, Joanne Rowling, J.K. Rowling, George William Russell, Johann Sigismund Scholze, Hugh Stowell Scott, Elizabeth Jane Seaman, Elizabeth Jane Chochran, George Caryl Sims, Meliora C. Smith, Ralph Neville Stanbury, William Norman Staton-Bevan, Sir James Steuart, Etienne Tabourot, Edmund Taylor, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Lenin, Martin Wadell, Walter Wager, Henry Sarsfield Ward, Ralphs Whitlock and Henry Willobie.

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In The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms the author's name appears first, arranged alphabetically by surname. This is followed by his or her lifespan, pseudonyms associated with the said writer and some brief explanatory notes. Entries are arranged over several pages and, as I am using a database to store the information, the list will be expanded periodically.

This page covers authors with surnames beginning with: R to W.

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I am also publishing an alternative: The A-Z of Pseudonyms and the Writers Who Use Them.

Authors and Their Pseudonyms: R-W

  • Rabelais, Francois (????-1553)
    • French renaissance monk and writer
    • Used the pseudonym Alcofribas Nasier
    • Best known for his Garguanta series of books, the first of which was Pantagruel King of the Dipsodes (1532)
  • Rae, Hugh Crauford (1935-2014)
    • He used a number of pseudonyms
    • As James Albany his first book was Warrior Castle (1982)
    • As Robert Crawford his first book was The Shroud Society (1969)
    • As R.B. Houston his only book was Two for the Grave (1972)
    • As Jessica Sterling he wrote popular romantic fiction, which included a collaboration with Peggy Coughlan, writing historical romance
    • His first book published using the pseudonym Stuart Stern was The Minotaur Factor (1977)
  • Raymond, René Lodge Brabazon (1906-1985)
    • Prolific writer of popular crime thrillers
    • Debut novel, using the pseudonym James Hadley Chase, the name for which he was best known, was No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1939)
    • He also wrote as Raymond Marshall, James L. Docherty, R. Raymond and Ambrose Grant
    • As James L. Docherty he wrote He Won't Need It Now (1941)
    • As Ambrose Grant he wrote More Deadly Than the Male (1947)
    • His first book as Raymond Marshall was Lady, Here's Your Wreath (1940)
    • As R. Raymond he stepped into non-fiction with Slipstream: A Royal Air Force Anthology (1946)
  • Rebell, Hugues (1867-1905)
    • He used the pseudonym Jean de Villiot
    • French author of pornographic literature including Les nuits chaudes du Cap Français (1902)
  • Rivarol, Antoine de (Count) (1753-1801)
    • Conservative French journalist, anti-republic
    • He used the pseudonym Salomon
  • Roberts, Nora (1950-)
    • American writer of romantic fiction
    • Also, some fantasy and suspense novels
    • As J. D. Robb she wrote the In Death series of stories
    • As Jull March she wrote a magazine story called Melodies of Love
    • Her original Born In series was released in Britain under the pseudonym Sarah Hardesty
  • Rowling, Joanne (1965-)
    • British author best known for her Harry Potter series of books written for older children but read by all age groups
    • The Harry Potter books were written under the name J.K. Rowling
    • Robert Galbraith was the pseudonym used for Joanne Rowling's Cormoran Strike series of books
  • Russel, George William (1867-1935)
    • Irish novelist, essayist and poet
    • A leading theosophist
    • He used two pseudonyms: Æ and Æon

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Authors and Their Pseudonyms: R-W

  • Scholze, Johann Sigismund (1705-1750)
    • A music anthologist and poet
    • He used the pseudonym Sperontes
    • Publications included Sperontes, singende Muse an der Pleisse, Leipzig (1736)
  • Scott, Hugh Stowell (1862-1903)
    • He used the pseudonym Henry Seton Merriman
    • His best known novel was The Sowers (1896)
    • His first novel, Young Mistley, was published anonymously
  • Seaman, Elizabeth Jane (nee: Chochran) (1864-1922)
    • American journalist and serialised novelist
    • She used the pseudonym Nellie Bly
    • Best known for making a trip around the world in seventy-two days (1889)
    • An account of her trip was published by the Pictorial Weeklies Company in 1890
  • Sims, George Caryl (1920-1966)
    • American pulp fiction writer
    • Best known for his debut novel as Paul Cain, Fast One (1932)
    • As Peter Ruric he wrote screenplays and The Tasting Machine first published in Gourmet, The Magazine of Good Living (1949)
  • Smith, Meliora C. (unknown)
    • Twentieth century Scottish writer
    • Used the pseudonym Claverhouse
    • Best known for a study of marriages in Gretna Green and the Scottish borders: Irregular Border Marriages (1934)
  • Stanbury, Ralph Neville (1917-1998)
    • British Royal Navy Officer
    • He used the pseudonym Ralph Neville
    • He wrote Survey by Starlight (1949)
  • Staton-Bevan, William Norman (1912-????)
    • Writer of motoring books, specifically individual motor cars
    • He used the pseudonym Staton Abbey
  • Steuart, Sir James (1712-1780)
    • Sir James Steuart was a Scottish economist
    • He used the pseudonym Robert Frame
    • His publications included An Inquiry into the Principles of Political Economy (1767)
  • Tabourot, Etienne (1549-1590)
    • French writer and poet best known for his sonnets and a rhyming dictionary
    • He used the pseudonym Seigneur des Accords
    • Also known as Tabourot des Accords
  • Taylor, Edmund Seyfang (1853-1908)
    • Late nineteenth and early twentieth century British writer and rambling pioneer
    • He used the pseudonym Walker Miles
    • He wrote a book series, Field Path Rambles - mainly in Kent and Surrey, England
  • Ulyanov, Vladimir Ilyich (1870-1924)
    • Russian communist revolutionary, better known as Lenin
    • He wrote a huge number of ideological publications
    • As N. Lenin he wrote the pamphlet What Is To Be Done
    • He also used the names Vladimir Ilyin and Lenin
  • Wadell, Martin (1941-)
    • He used the pseudonym Catherine Sefton
    • He wrote ghost stories and mystery fiction for older children
    • Wadell worked in his own name on the Little Bear and Mini Mouse books
  • Wager, Walter (1924-2004)
    • An American novelist of espionage thrillers
    • Wager used three pseudonyms: John Tiger, Walter Herman and Lee Davis Willoughby
    • As Walter Herman he wrote Operation Intrigue (1956)
    • His first book published as John Tiger was Death Hits the Jackpot (1954)
    • His first book as Lee Davis Willoughby was The Wildcatters (The Making of America, Book 21) (1981)
  • Ward, Henry Sarsfield (1883-1959)
    • He used the pseudonym Sax Rohmer
    • English novelist who created the fictional character Dr. Fu Manchu
  • Whitlock, Ralph (1914-1995)
    • A British farmer from Wiltshire
    • Whitlock wrote many non-fiction books and books for children
    • As Edwin Mould he wrote Round Roundbarrow Farm (1946)
    • As Madge Reynolds he wrote The Farmer's Wife (1960)
  • Willobie, Henry (1575-1596)
    • He used the pseudonym Henry Willoughby
    • British poet best known for Willobie His Avisa (1594)

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