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The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms. L-M. Including pseudonyms and notes for the following authors: Mary Jane Latsis, Manfred Bennington Lee, Egon Lehrburger, Clive Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis), Eric Leyland, Salvatore Albert Lombino, Carlo Lorenzini, Richard Allen Lupoff, Alan Samuel Lyle-Smythe, Agnes Maule Machar, Laura Mannock, Laura Whetter, David McIlwain, Herman Cyril McNeile, Cecil William Mercer, George Alexis Milkomanovich Milkomane, Kenneth Millar, George Mogridge, Georges Victor Marcel Moinaux, Arnold Munk. Pseudonyms include Ed McBain, Old Humphrey, C.S. Lewis etc.

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In The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms the author's name appears first, arranged alphabetically by surname. This is followed by his or her lifespan, pseudonyms associated with the said writer and some brief explanatory notes. Entries are arranged over several pages and, as I am using a database to store the information, the list will be expanded periodically.

This page covers authors with surnames beginning with: L-M.

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I am also publishing an alternative: The A-Z of Pseudonyms and the Writers Who Use Them.

Authors and Their Pseudonyms: L-M

  • Latsis, Mary Jane (1927-1997)
    • Writer of crime thrillers
    • She used two pseudonym, both in collaborations with Martha Henissart
    • As R.B. Dominic the two wrote a number of books including Murder, Sunny Side Up (1968)
    • As Emma Lathan they wrote books including Gold Dagger Award winner Murder Against the Grain (1967)
  • Lee, Manfred Bennington (1905-1971)
    • American crime novelist and editor
    • Created the fictional character Ellery Queen in conjunction with Frederick Dannay
    • Ellery Queen was also used as a pseudonym
    • The two men, who were cousins, also used the pseudonym Barnaby Ross for four novels including The Tragedy Of X (1932)
  • Lehrburger, Egon (1904-1990)
    • German-British non-fiction writer and journalist
    • He often used the pseudonym Egon Larsen
    • He wrote numerous scientific books including Atoms and Atomic Energy (1953)
  • Lewis, Clive Staples (1898-1963)
    • Better known as C.S. Lewis
    • He is best known for his Chronicles of Narnia
    • As N.W. Clerk he wrote a book about bereavement: A Grief Observed (1961)
    • As Clive Hamilton he had his first book published: A Cycle of Lyrics (1919)
  • Leyland, Eric (1911-2001)
    • A prolific writer of children's books
    • Leyland used three pseudonyms: Elizabeth Tarrant, Sylvia Little and Nesta Grant
    • As Nesta Grant he wrote a number of books for girls including Jill Riding Mistress (1953)
    • As Sylvia Little he wrote a number of books for girls including The Circus Comes to School (1961)
    • As Elizabeth Tarrant he wrote a number of books for girls including Christine Calls the Tune (1956)
  • Lombino, Salvatore Albert (1926-2005)
    • Lombino was an American crime, mystery and sci-fi fiction writer
    • He used a number of pseudonyms
    • As John Abbott he wrote Scimitar (1992)
    • As Curt Cannon he wrote I'm Cannon - For Hire (1958)
    • As Hunt Collins he wrote books including Cut Me In (1954)
    • As Ezra Hannon he wrote Doors (1975)
    • As Evan Hunter he wrote numerous books including Find the Feathered Serpent (1952)
    • As Richard Marsten he wrote a number of books including Danger: Dinosaurs! (1953)
    • He wrote many novels as Ed McBain including the 87th Precinct Series which opened with Cop Hater (1956)
  • Lorenzini, Carlo (1826-1890)
    • Italian writer who used the pseudonym Carlo Collodi
    • He is best known for his children's novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883)
  • Lupoff, Richard Allen (1935-2020)
    • American sci-fi, mystery and horror writer
    • He used a number of pseudonyms
    • As Ova Hamlet he is best known for writing short stories, a collection of which appeared in the Ova Hamlet Collection (1975)
    • He mainly used the pseudonym Dick Lupoff for essays and reviews
    • He used the pseudonym Richard P. Lupoff for a German language short fiction story (1974)
    • As Addison E. Steele he wrote several Buck Rogers books, including Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1978) and Buck Rogers: That Man On Beta (1979)
    • He used the variant pseudonym Addison Steele II for The Wedding of Ova Hamlet (1975)
    • He also used the pseudonyms Robert A. Mainline, A.E. Van Hocked and Ray Razzberry
  • Lyle-Smythe, Alan Samuel (1914-2006)
    • British thriller writer
    • He used the pseudonym Alan Caillou for books including Rogue's Gambit (1955)
    • As Alex Webb he wrote a number of books including Under a Grudging Sun (1989)

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Authors and Their Pseudonyms: L-M

  • Machar, Agnes Maule (1837-1927)
    • Canadian writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction
    • She wrote poems and eight novels as Fidelis
    • She also wrote a biography of her father: Memorials of the life and ministry of the Rev. John Machar, late minister of St. Andrew's Church, Kingston (1873)
  • Mannock, Laura (née Whetter) (1903-1960)
    • A popular romantic fiction novelist from the 1930s-1950s
    • She often wrote as Sally Adair
    • One of her best known novels is Love Comes Unbidden (1953)
  • McIlwain, David (1921-1981)
    • Popular 1950/60s British fiction writer
    • McIlwain used three pseudonyms: Eric Charles Maine, Richard Rayner and Robert Wade
    • The Eric Charles Maine pseudonym was mainly used for sci-fi, including Spaceways (1953)
    • The Richard Rayner pseudonym was used for a number of mystery books including The Trouble With Ruth (1960)
    • The Robert Wade pseudonym was used mainly for detective books including The Stroke of Seven (1966)
  • McNeile, Herman Cyril (1888-1937)
    • Used the pseudonym Sapper
    • He wrote the Bulldog Drummond thriller series, the first being published in 1920
  • Mercer, Cecil William (1885-1960)
    • English writer of short stories and thrillers
    • Using the pseudonym Dornford Yates he wrote a number of novels including Blind Corner (1927)
  • Milkomane, George Alexis Milkomanovich (1903-1996)
    • Prolific writer of medical fiction and non-fiction
    • Using the George Alexis Bankoff pseudonym he wrote medical books including The Conquest of Disease: The Story of Penicillin (1946)
    • As George Borodin he wrote futuristic books including Peace in Nobody's Time (1944)
    • As George Braddon he wrote crime novels such as The Dog It Was That Died (1948)
    • As Peter Conway he wrote novels including The Palindrome (1951)
    • As Alec Redwood he wrote mystery novels including Deadline Moscow (1980)
    • He also wrote as George Sava, his first book using this pseudonym was The Healing Knife (1938)
  • Millar, Kenneth (1915-1983)
    • American-Canadian writer of crime fiction
    • Millar used the name John Ross Macdonald for books including Meet Me At the Morgue (1953)
    • He used the Ross Macdonald pseudonym for books including those featuring his fictional private eye character Lew Archer
  • Mogridge, George (1787-1854)
    • Writer of poetry, children's books and religious tracts
    • George Mogridge used a number of pseudonyms, the best known being Old Humphrey
    • As Old Alan Gray he wrote Cheerful Chapters: Adapted to Youth, and not Unsuited to Age (1854)
    • As Grandfather Gregory he wrote In the Brave Days of Old: The Story of the Spanish Armada in the Year of Grace 1588, for Boys and Girls (date unknown)
    • As Ephraim Holding he wrote books including Homely Hints: Chiefly Addressed to Sunday School Teachers (1843)
    • As Old Humphrey he was a regular contributor to The Weekly Visitor and went on to write religious tracts for children
    • As Jeremy Jaunt he mainly wrote in provincial journals
    • He also used the pseudonym Peter Parley. This name brought him into conflict with American author Samuel Griswold Goodrich, who used the same pseudonym
    • Other pseudonyms George Mogridge used were Uncle Adam, Amos Armfield, Godfrey Gilbert, Grandmamma Gilbert, Aunt Newbury, Uncle Newbury, Old Father Thames and Aunt Upton
  • Moinaux, Georges Victor Marcel (1858-1929)
    • French novelist, playwright and dramatist
    • He used two pseudonyms: George Courteline and Jules Levy
    • As George Courteline he wrote Les Gaités de l'escadron (1886)
    • As Jules Levy he wrote Estelle au Lansquenet (1884)
  • Munk, Arnold (1888-1957)
    • Writer and editor for numerous children's books
    • He particularly worked for the publisher Platt and Munk and frequently used the pseudonym Watty Piper

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The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms

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