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These fascinating books included short stories and comic strips which featured much loved film charactors of the day

Film Fun was a British produced comic which ran from 1920-1962. During this period there were 2,225 weekly issues of the comic which was renamed in 1959: Film Fun and Thrills. In 1962 the comic was amalgamated with another British comic, Buster.

The Film Fun Annuals were introduced in 1938 and were published by Amalgamated Press every year, including during the Second World War, up to 1961. The publication date was usually the year preceding the date on the front of the annual.

The annuals were a rich mixture of action, adventure, humour and comedy with short stories and comic strips featuring some of the biggest names in the film industry. Included below is each year of publication and, where possible, I've added further information to help readers identify whether particular years are of interest to them:

  • 1938 Featuring Jimmy Durante, Shirley Temple, Laurel and Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Harold Lloyd and others
  • 1939 Front board with multiple head and shoulder portraits of stars of the time, title page with a larger monochrome portrait of Laurel and Hardy
  • 1940 Eight film stars on front cover, heads only, each within a star. George Formby frontispiece
  • 1941 Laurel and Hardy and others on the front cover, inside photographic portraits include George Formby, Laurel and Hardy, Clark Gable and Gary Cooper
  • 1942 Caricatures to front cover, inside photo portraits include Judy Garland, Virginia Weidler and Mickey Rooney
  • 1943 Laurel & Hardy with an alphabet book to the front cover, Picture Show Annual advertisemeent to the back cover
  • 1944 Cover featuring Lurel and Hardy, frontispiece of Buck Jones
  • 1945 Front cover features Bill Boyd as a cowboy, the rear cover has a Bournville Cocoa advertisement
  • 1946 Front board showing Laurel and Hardy looking down on Abbott and Costello
  • 1947 Front cover features Laurel and Hardy in caricature, inside a photo montage of Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Sonia Henie and Maria Montez and another of Tyrone Power, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Bob Hope and Alan Ladd
  • 1948 Front cover features Laurel and Hardy and other stars superimposed on a Christmas tree, inside a photo montage which includes Mickey Rooney, Jackie Butch Jenkins, Margaret O'Brien and Lassie and another with Bob Hope, Bing Crosbie, Schnozzle Durant, Red Shelton and Sid Field
  • 1949 Front cover with Christmas greetings from Laurel and Hardy, Frank Randle, Old Mother Riley, Kitty, Abbott and Costello, title page with a photo montage of Margaret Lockwood, Patricia Roe, James Mason and others
  • 1950 Front board showing various personalities in caricature enjoying seasonal festivities, rear cover with a dice board game to play
  • 1951 Laurel and Hardy featured on the front cover, a frontispiece of John Wayne
  • 1952 Front cover shows Laurel and Hardy and others superimposed on Christmas bells, title page features a photo montage with Harpo Marx, Red Skelton and Jimmy Durante
  • 1953 Frontispiece of Red Skelton, rear cover has the "Cocoa Bean Cargo Race"
  • 1954 Front cover, heads of Laurel and Hardy and others superimposed onto caricature bodies, rear cover Cadburys Car Race Game. Frontispiece of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
  • 1955 Abbott and Costello and others to the front cover, space themed, rear cover a Cadburys Puzzle Picture (like a hidden object game)
  • 1956 Front cover shows Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in sombreros, rear cover with an "I Want Cadburys Chocolate" Air Race board game
  • 1957 Front cover shows Laurel and Hardy in turbans, illustrated front endpapers show a scene with an aircraft carrier at sea and various aircraft in flight
  • 1958 Front cover shows Ronald Shimer as a school teacher, back cover shows Rex Allen
  • 1959 Front cover showing Terry Thomas, inside colour panels include Clark Gable, Joan Collins, James Stewart, Deborah Kerr, John Wayne and Natalie Wood
  • 1960 Front cover showing Tony Hancock, back cover Peter Sellers
  • 1961 Front cover showing Kirk Douglas as a cowboy

Values can vary quite widely. These annuals are frequently difficult to find in high condition grades. They were principally published for younger readers and by nature many copies around today will have crayon or pen marks, scribble and other cosmetic faults caused by mishandling.