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The A-Z Of Authors And Their Pseudonyms: Including the pseudonyms used by the following writers: Carroll Mather Caps, Frederico Antonio Carasso, Sir Thomas Willes Chitty (3rd Baronet), Richard Henry Michael Clayton, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie, John Creasey, Geoffrey Robbins Crosher, Frederick Dannay, Pierre de la Mare, Sarnia de la Mare, Nell Marr Dean, Daniel Defoe, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, Augustus the Younger, Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin and Paul Alexandre Martin Duval.

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In The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms the author's name appears first, arranged alphabetically by surname. This is followed by his or her lifespan, pseudonyms associated with the said writer and some brief explanatory notes. Entries are arranged over several pages and, as I am using a database to store the information, the list will be expanded periodically.

This page covers authors with surnames beginning with: C-D.

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I am also publishing an alternative: The A-Z of Pseudonyms and the Writers Who Use Them.

Authors and Their Pseudonyms: C&D

  • Capps, Carroll Mather 1917-1971
    • He also wrote as Carroll J. Clem and C.C. MacApp
    • American science fiction novelist and short story writer
    • Under the Carroll J. Clem pseudonym Capps wrote short stories which were published in If (sci-fi magazine)
    • Novels as C.C. MacApp included Omha Abides (1968)
  • Carasso, Frederico Antonio (1899-1969)
    • Artist and illustrator who used the pseudonym Fred Deltor
    • Italian sculptor.
    • Known for Jeu de Massacre (1928) a portfolio of hand coloured prints
  • Chitty, Sir Thomas Willes (3rd Baronet) (1926-2014)
    • British novelist and non-fiction writer
    • His novels included Happy as Larry (1958)
  • Clayton, Richard Henry Michael (1907-1993)
    • He wrote as William Haggard
    • English writer who penned the Charles Russell Series of espionage novels (and others)
    • First in the series was Slow Burner (1958)
  • Clemens, Samuel Langhorne (1835-1910)
    • Clemens was known to use at least thee pseudonyms: Josh, Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass and, best known, Mark Twain
    • He used the "Josh" pseudonym for some of his early writing, up to 1863, mainly humourous sketches
    • Clemens used the "Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass" pseudonym for a series of humourous letters
    • Mark Twain is of course a giant of English literature. Clemens wrote the classics The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, using the Mark Twain name
  • Craigie, Pearl Mary Teresa (née Roberts) (1867-1906)
    • She wrote as John Oliver Hobbes
    • Craigie was a 19th century American novelist, playwright and essayist, best known for Some Emotions and a Moral (1891)
  • Creasey, John 1908-1973
    • English writer of crime, western and romance novels with a prolific output of over 600 novels
    • Creasey used many pseudonyms
    • As Gordon Ashe he wrote the Patrick Dawlish Series of books (1939-1975)
    • As Margaret Cooke he wrote a number of romance novels including For Love's Sake (1934)
    • As Henry St. John Cooper he wrote a number of romance novels including Chains of Love (1937)
    • As Norman Deane he wrote the Bruce Murdoch Series of books (1939-1942) and the Liberator Series (1943-1945)
    • As Elise Fecamps he wrote a few romance novels including Lover of Hate (1936)
    • As Robert Caine Frazer he wrote the Mark Kilby Series (1959-1964)
    • As Patrick Gill he wrote a number of novels including The Fighting Footballers (1937)
    • As Michael Halliday he wrote the Fane Brothers Series of books (1952-1955). The Halliday name was used for UK editions only
    • As Kyle Hunt the American edition of the Dr. Cellini Series of books were published (1965-1975), The British editions appeared with the Michael Halliday pseudonym
    • As Abel Mann he wrote Danger Woman (1966)
    • As Peter Manton he wrote a number of novels including The Greyvale School Mystery (1937)
    • As J.J. Marric he wrote the Commander Gideon Series (until 1976 at which point William Vivian Butler took over writing these books)
    • As Anthony Morton he wrote the Baron Series of novels (1937-1979)
    • As Ken Ranger he wrote a couple of western novels including One-Shot Marriott (1938)
    • As Tex Riley he wrote a number of western novels including Gun-Smoke Range (1938)
    • As William K. Riley he wrote a number of western novels including Range War (1939)
    • As Jeremy York he wrote the Superintendent Folly Series of books (1942-1948)
    • Creasey also used the following pseudonyms: Credo, Charles Hogarth, Brian Hope, Colin Hughes, James Marsden, Richard Martin, Rodney Matheson, Henry St. John and Jummy Wilde
  • Crosher, Geoffrey Robbins (1911-1990)
    • He wrote as G.R. Kesteven
    • A science fiction novelist, his books included The Pale Invaders (1970)

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Authors and Their Pseudonyms: C&D

  • Dannay, Frederick (1905-1982)
    • He created the fictional character Ellery Queen in conjunction with Manfred Bennington Lee and used Ellery Queen as a pseudonym
  • De la Mare, Pierre (1963-)
    • Writer and journalist who uses the pseudonym Peter Mills
    • Magazine articles, poetry and short stories, mainly relating to commerce and social issues
  • De la Mare, Sarnia (1962-)
    • Contemporary artist, photographer, film maker, musician and writer
    • Pseudonyms include: Pasha du Pont, Pasha du Valentine, The Dominartist and Fanny Blomme
    • Her Fanny Blomme pseudonym has been used mainly for film scripts
    • Her Dominartist pseudonym has been used mainly for poetry and fiction
    • Her Pasha du Pont pseudonym has been used mainly for erotic fiction
    • Her Pasha du Valentine pseudonym has been used mainly for comedy writing
  • Dean, Nell Marr (unknown)
    • Romantic novelist, often with a nursing theme
    • Nell Marr Dean used her own name as well as two pseudonyms: Viginia Roberts and Anne Marr
    • As Anne Marr she wrote Sweeter than Wine (1979)
    • As Virginia Roberts she has written a number of books including Nurse On Location (2010)
  • Defoe, Daniel (1660-1731)
    • Used the pseudonym Robinson Crusoe (signed Himself)
    • Considered one of the fathers of the modern novel
    • Defoe wrote numerous books and papers including Robinson Crusoe (1719)
    • This fictional story was presented as an autobiographical account
  • Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (1832-1898)
    • Dodgson used the pseudonym Lewis Carroll for children's books
    • He wrote a number of mathematical works but is best known for his children's stories such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865)
  • Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, Augustus the Younger (1579-1666)
    • Used the pseudonym Gustavus Selenus
    • Best known for Gustavus Selenus on the Game of Chess (1616)
  • Dupin, Amandine Aurore Lucile (1804-1876)
    • Used the pseudonym George Sand
    • Popular French novelist and journalist of the nineteenth century, and campaigner for gender expressionism
  • Duval, Paul Alexandre Martin (1855-1906)
    • He used the pseudonym Jean Lorrain
    • French poet and novelist
    • One of his best known works was Monsieur de Phocas (1901)

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The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms

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