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The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms. This page covers authors with surnames beginning with E to G, including some of the Badger Books writers: Mary Ann Evans, Evelyn Ward Everett-Green, Robert Lionel Fanthorpe, William Cuthbert Faulkner, Robert Frame, Ty Franck, Robert Massie Freeman, John Stephen Glasby, George Goetz and Samuel Griswold Goodrich.

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In The A-Z of Authors and Their Pseudonyms the author's name appears first, arranged alphabetically by surname. This is followed by his or her lifespan, pseudonyms associated with the said writer and some brief explanatory notes. Entries are arranged over several pages and, as I am using a database to store the information, the list will be expanded periodically.

This page covers authors with surnames beginning with: E-G.

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I am also publishing an alternative: The A-Z of Pseudonyms and the Writers Who Use Them.

Authors and Their Pseudonyms: E to G

  • Evans, Mary Ann (1819-1880)
    • She wrote as George Elliot
    • Best known for her novels: Adam Bede, The Mill On the Floss, Silas Marner, Middlemarch and others
  • Everett-Green, Evelyn Ward (1856-1932)
    • British novelist of the late Victorian and Edwardian period who used a number of pseudonyms
    • She wrote over three hundred and fifty books, many in her own name
    • As Cecil Adair her books included Shimmering Waters (1900)
    • Her first published book using the pseudonym H.F.E. was Fast friends; or, David and Jonathan (1882)
    • She is known to have used the pseudonym E. Ward. The only reference I have found to an E. Ward is A Book of Make-Up (1930)
    • She also used the pseudonym Evelyn Dare
  • Fanthorpe, Robert Lionel (1935-)
    • Robert Fanthorpe is a prolific writer of pulp fiction novels and short story collections
    • Main subjects are horror, science fiction and supernatural
    • Many of his books were published by Badger Books
    • He has used pseudonyms for short stories including: Neil Balfort, Othello Baron, Noel Bertram, Oben Leterth, Elton T. Neef, Peter O'Flinn, René Rolant, Deutero Spartacus and Robin Tate
    • He has used a host of pseudonyms for longer stories and novels:
    • As Erle Barton he wrote The Planet Seekers (1964)
    • As Lee Barton he wrote books including The Unseen (1963)
    • As Thornton Bell he wrote books including Chaos (1964)
    • His books as Leo Brett include Faceless Planet (1960)
    • As Bron Fane he wrote books including Blue Juggernaut (1960)
    • As Mel Jay he wrote Orbit One (1962)
    • As Marston Johns he wrote books including The Venus Venture (1961)
    • As L.P. Kenton his books included Destination Moon (1959)
    • The pseudonym Victor La Salle was a Badger house name under which Fanthorpe wrote a number of books )including Dawn of the Half Gods (1953)
    • John E. Muller was another Badger house name shared with John Stephen Glasby. Books include Beyond the Void (1965)
    • As Phil Noble he wrote The Hand From Gehenna (1964)
    • As Lionel Roberts, Fanthorpe wrote books including Dawn of the Mutants (1959)
    • As Neil Thanet he wrote books including Beyond the Veil (1964)
    • As Pel Torro he wrote books including The Face of Fear (1963)
    • As Olaf Trent he wrote Roman Twilight (1963)
    • Karl Zeigfreid: This pseudonym was a Badger house name shared with John Stephen Glasby which included The Uranium Seekers (1953)
  • Faulkner, William Cuthbert (1897-1962)
    • One of the best known twentieth century American writers
    • William Faulkner used the pseudonym Ernest V. Trueblood for Afternoon Of A Cow which appeared in Furioso (Summer 1947)
  • Franck, Ty (1969-)
    • Created The Expanse series of science fiction novels in collaboration with Daniel Abraham
    • Abraham and Franck shared the pseudonym James S.A. Corey
  • Freeman, Robert Massie (1866-1949)
    • Used the pseudonym Samuel Pepys Jr.
    • Unrelated to the original Samuel Pepys
    • Freeman shared this pseudonym with Robert Bennett to produce a three volume work about the first world war: The Last Diary of the Great Warr (1919)

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Authors and Their Pseudonyms: E to G

  • Glasby, John Stephen (1928-2011)
    • Prolific writer of pulp fiction novels, including for Badger Books
    • Glasby wrote novels in multiple genres including science fiction, westerns, romances and espionage
    • The Chuck Adams pseudonym was used for westerns including Trail Blazers (1956)
    • As John Adams he wrote When the Gods Came (1960)
    • As Philip Aston he wrote books including Justice At Red River (2002)
    • As Charles M. Barker he wrote Brand of the Hunted (2003)
    • As C.J. Beaton he wrote Coyote Brand (2002)
    • As R.L. Bowers he wrote This Second Earth (1957)
    • As Tex Bradley he wrote westerns including West of Cimarron (1970)
    • As Bret Calder he wrote El Dorado Trail (2004)
    • Berl Cameron was a Badger Books house name shared with Denis Hughes. There were four titles including Black Infinity (1952)
    • As Craig Campbell he wrote Cain Brand (2002)
    • As William B. Carter he wrote El Diablo (2002)
    • As Max Chartair he wrote Bitter Vengeance (2006)
    • As Roy F. Copper he wrote Siege Town (2003)
    • As William Corby he wrote Stranger With A Gun (2005)
    • As Clive Dawson he wrote Lawman Without A Gun (2006)
    • As Cliff Daventry he wrote Crimson Dust (2003)
    • As Lester Davidston he wrote Framed In Guilt (2002)
    • As Wade Dellman he wrote Traitor's Gold (2006)
    • As J.B. Dexter he wrote The Time Kings (1958)
    • As Carl Eddings he wrote books including The Savage Hills (2002)
    • As Robert J. Evers he wrote Gunrage At Calder Wells (2006)
    • As Patrick G. Ford he wrote The Rim Riders (2002)
    • As David Forster he wrote Sole Survivor (2002)
    • As Alex Frazer he wrote Battle of the Nesters (2004)
    • As Robert L. Greene he wrote Quantrill's Legacy (2003)
    • As Clem Hannah he wrote Gunhawks Westward (2003)
    • As Stephen Hartmann he wrote Hang the Hellion High (2003)
    • As Lance Hayden he wrote Edge of the Badlands (2002)
    • As Luke Holt he wrote Battle At Circle Four (2003)
    • As Richard D. Howard he wrote The Streets of Sundown (2002)
    • As D. K. Jennings he wrote hospital romance novels including The Dedicated (1958)
    • As Stephen Jervis he wrote Killers' Haven (2002)
    • As Peter J. Kerman he wrote The Hostile Country (2002)
    • As Robert A. Klyne he wrote Traitors' Guns (2002)
    • As Leonard T. Knight he wrote The Man From Abilene (2003)
    • As Rick Lander he wrote Saddlerock (2002)
    • As Philip Lantry he wrote Marked For Violence (2003)
    • The Victor La Salle pseudonym was a Badger house name shared with Robert Lionel Fanthorpe. A number of books were published under this pseudonym including The Seventh Dimension (1953)
    • As Alan T. Leacroft he wrote Dakota Manhunt (2002)
    • As Vance Livesey he wrote A Day to Die (2002)
    • As Paul Lorraine he wrote books including Two Worlds (1952)
    • As John Manville he wrote West of the Cimarron (2002)
    • As Paul Marsden he wrote Bender's Edge (2003)
    • As John C. Maxwell he wrote The World Makers (1958)
    • As A.J. Merak he wrote books including Dark Andromeda (1953)
    • The John E. Muller pseudonym was a Badger house name shared with Robert Lionel Fanthorpe. There were a large number of titles using this pseudonym including Space Void (1960)
    • As Frank Myers he wrote Flashpoint (2003)
    • As Glen Norten he wrote Triple Peaks (2002)
    • Rand le Page was a Badger Books house name shared with Denis Hughes. There were four titles including Satellite B.C. (1952)
    • As Randall Payne he wrote Badlands Feud (2002)
    • As J.L. Powers he wrote Black Abyss (1960)
    • As Manning K. Robertson he wrote espionage novels including Pattern For Survival (1976)
    • As Michael Stansfield he wrote The Proud Rebel (2002)
    • As Ralph C. Summers he wrote Thunderfire (2003)
    • As Alan P. Vinson he wrote The Time of the Lawman (2003)
    • Karl Zeigfreid was a Badger house name shared with Robert Lionel Fanthorpe. There were a number of books published under this pseudonym including Dark Centauri (1954)
  • Goetz, George (1900-1940)
    • American socialist writer of both non-fiction and fiction
    • He wrote in his own name and as Victor Francis Calverton
    • He penned the fantasy novel The Man Inside; being the record of the strange adventures of Allen Steele among the Xulus (1936)
  • Goodrich, Samuel Griswold (1793-1860)
    • American writer who used the pseudonym Peter Parley
    • The use of this name brought him into conflict with British writer George Mogridge, who used the same pseudonym
    • Goodrich's publications as Parley included Illustrated Natural History of the Animal Kingdom (1859)

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