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David Mitchell's 1976 illustrated book of Pirates

This is the first American edition of David Mitchell's book: Pirates - An Illustrated History.

A hardcover book printed and bound in Singapore by FEP International Ltd and published in New York by the Dial Press, this is a book of 208 pages with detailed text and 86 illustrations - including fifteen in colour and four maps. Approximate size 178x246mm, weight 702g.

86 illustrations, including 15 in colour

The previously held romantic notion of piracy was increasingly challenged by historical research during the twentieth century. This book covers "not only the better known figures of the Spanish Main and the South Sea, but Vikings, Arabs and Malay raiders, the little known Uskoks, and female pirates of various nations." Key individuals are looked at, including Francis Drake, William Kidd, Blackbeard, Paul Jones, Eric Bloodaxe, Simon Danziker, Rahmah ibn Jabr and Ching Yi Saou, along with the social evolution of piracy.


  • Soundings
  • Freedoms of the Seas
  • The Caribbean and the South Seas
    • Westward Ho!
    • Bloody, Bloody Buccaneer
    • Black Jack and Blackbeard
  • Madagascar and the Guinea Coast
    • The Pirate Round
    • Welsh Wizards
  • The Mediterreanean
    • Corsairs of Malta and Barbary
    • A Pacification of Pirates
    • An Alternative Society?
  • Bibliography
  • List of Illustrations
  • Index


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Good condition copies of this 1st American edition book (The Dial Press), in good condition dust jackets, sell for an average £8.00.