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Phoenix House Limited was a London based publisher most active in the period after the Second World War up until the late 1960s. There is limited information about the company but artwork and publicity files held by Reading University date from 1945 to 1965. In addition to this, I have found books by this publisher dating from 1948 to 1968.

The main address used by the company was close to Charing Cross and Covent Garden in London, England:

38, William IV Street, Charing Cross, WC2 is, at the time of writing, now a Rosetta Farm Restaurant site

In 1968 J.M. Dent and Sons took over Phoenix House and for a short time used the Phoenix name as an imprint. Dent traded from Aldine House, 10-13, Bedford Street, The Strand, London - a building which was purpose built for the company in 1911. J.M. Dent was subsequently taken over by Weidenfield & Nicolson in 1988 which in turn was acquired by the French owned Orion Publishing Group in 1991. Orion used the name "Phoenix" as a paperback imprint until 2015 and continues to use the "J.M. Dent" name as an imprint.

The Phoenix House logo

Phoenix House Limited published a huge number of books in the twenty-odd years the company was active. Below is just a small selection to help give you an idea of how diverse this publisher was:

  • 1946 And Far Away by Gary Hogg
  • 1947 City of London by Parry Marshall
  • 1948 Maori Tales of Long Ago by A.W. Reed
  • 1948 The Splendid Hills by Ronald Clark
  • 1950 The Exploits of Engelbrecht by Maurice Richardson
  • 1951 Alicia Markova - A Biography by Anthony Gordon
  • 1951 Some I knew Well by Clifford Bax
  • 1952 Arsenal, Forward! by Bernard Joy
  • 1953 My Gypsy Days by Dora E. Yates
  • 1954 A Young Traveller in Sapce by Arthur C. Clarke
  • 1954 John Speed's England a facsimille edition in four parts, edited by John Arlott
  • 1955 Roman Roads in Britain in two volumes by Ivor D. Margary
  • 1955 The Englishman's Flora by Geoffrey Grigson
  • 1956 My Dear Dorothea by George Bernard Shaw, Clare and Stephen Winsten
  • 1957 The Eye Goddess by O.G.S. Crawford
  • 1958 An Archaology of South East England by Gordon J. Copley
  • 1967 Flight of the Kingfisher by Theodora Fitzgibbon
  • 1969 Thoughts on Conducting by Adrian C. Boult