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Meissen Figures, 1730-1775, The Kaendler Period by Yvonne Evans, book profile, book revue and book price guide. A look at the Meissen factory in Germany in the 18th century, a period of great influence led by modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler.
A Schiffer Book for Collectors: Meissen Figures, 1730-1775, The Kaendler Period

Meissen Figures, 1730-1775, The Kaendler Period is a super book packed with useful illustrations: A book to captivate collectors and enthusiasts of Meissen porcelain figures. Published in 2001 by Schiffer Publishing Ltd, it includes range price guides, giving a lower and upper valuation (in US dollars) for each range - rather than pricing pieces individually. Although the prices are now outdated, they still give a rudimentary idea of what the reader might expect his or her treasures to be worth.

Perhaps more important, is the chronology of the Meissen Porcelain Factory, covering the period from 1700 to 1775. This is supported by a list of the factory's modellers and the artists and engravers who inspired them.
Many of the models outlined in the book are photographed, often in colour and frequently alongside the original engravings which inspired them. Individual annotations are numbered and include the name of the figure, the name of the modeller, the first known date of production and the size in both inches and centimetres.

Meissen was a German porcelain producer, heavily influenced by King Augustus II. Believing the firm's other modellers to be lazy drunks, the King hired Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1775) - a young stone carver - in 1731. Kaendler was to prove an astute appointment: He was a workaholic with a prolific output, spending much of his life working long hours in the factory and frequently taking his work home with him. His influence on the Meissen factory was immense, but it also impacted on much of the European porcelain market.

Written by Yvonne Adams, a renowned collector and dealer in Meissen porcelain

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About the Author: Yvonne Adams

The author, Yvonne Adams, is a renowned expert on Meissen porcelain. She is both a dealer and a collector and is frequently seen exhibiting at international antique fairs. She previously wrote:

  • Meissen Portrait Figures, written in association with Len Adams, first published in the UK by Barrie & Jenkins, 1987.

Yvonne is currently based in Stow on the Wold in Gloucestershire, England, and specialises in models by Peter Reinicke, Frederich Elias Meyer, Johann Friedrich Eberlein, Johann Joachim Kaendler, all of whom feature in Meissen Figures 1730-1775, the Kaendler Period.

About the Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd

Schiffer Publishing Ltd is a family run business which was originally started in 1974 in Atglen, Pennsylvania, and continues publishing to this day. The company now has a number of imprints:

  • Schiffer - Inspirational and educational publications
  • Schiffer Kids - "Seed and Steam" learning, books to inspire children
  • LW Books - Collectibles price guides, particularly ceramics
Illustrations include many of the engravings upon which the modellers based their designs



  • Chronology of the Meissen Porcelain Factory, 1700-1775
  • Meissen Factory Modellers
  • Artists and Engravers Whose Work Inspired the Meissen Factory Modellers
  • Regarding the Price Guide Ranges

(The stated numbers below are the illustration numbers, not the manufacturer's number)

Street Traders in Europe - Numbers 1 to 110

Court Life - Numbers 111-172

Music - Numbers 173-198

Military - Numbers 199-212

Hunting - Numbers 213-224

Italian Comedy - Numbers 225-287

Satire - Numbers 288-296

Children - Numbers 297-357

Allegory and Mythology - Numbers 358-392

Religion - Numbers 393-403

Artisans - Numbers 404-431

Peasants - Numbers 432-457

Gardeners - Numbers 458-466

Different Nationalities - Numbers 467-537


Index of Illustrations

Book Outline: Meissen Figures, 1730-1775, The Kaendler Years

Title: Meissen Figures, 1730-1775, The Kaendler Years

Author: Yvonne Adams

Published by: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 1st edition, 2001

Format: Hardback, with dust jacket

Pages: 208, including text, captions, illustrations and range guide prices

Size Approx: 222x286mm

Approx weight: 1,316g

Numbers given are the illustration number, rather than a factory number

Estimated Book Value: Meissen Figures, 1730-1775, The Kaendler Years

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Meissen Figures, 1730-1775, The Kaendler Years, estimated value of the pictured copy, which is in very good condition in a very good dust jacket, £40.

Estimated value of the same book in mint (as new) condition, with a mint dust jacket, £65