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Wonders of the Deep: The Story of the Williamson Submarine Expedition (Ernest. You can read the whole book here on Original text and illustrations included - you can navigate the book from this page.

Wonders of the Deep: The Story of the Williamson Submarine Expedition, by Victor E. Allemandy, is a book published in 1915 and considered by scholars, including historians and scientists, to be of significant historical importance. It is now in the public domain and is presented in digital form on this website, for your enjoyment.

The original text has been reformatted for digital viewing. This includes page breaks and text alignment (the original having been justified left and right). Present day readers may find some of the grammar to be dated. Several small alterations have been made, including some corrections to reflect modern-day spellings, but 99.9% of the text is as it was originally published.

All illustrations are scans of the originals. It should be noted that the original illustrations were not always to the standards of modern photography, but nevertheless form an important part of the historical context of this book. In the 1915 edition of Wonders of the Deep, the illustrations were grouped together on periodic stand-alone pages. In reformatting the book for digital presentation, most of the illustrations have now been included within the text of relevant pages.


Most of the sections of this book are spread over 2, 3, or 4 web pages. Each individual page includes a link to the previous page, a link to the next page and a link back to this page. If you want to read the book in its entirety, just click the "next page" link at the foot of each page. As an alternative, and to help you navigate from here, these are the links to the main pages:

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Titles and Credits



Chapter I: The Birth of an idea

Chapter II: In the Bahamas

Chapter III: At Nassau

Chapter IV: Getting Ready

Chapter V: Taking Submarine Motion Pictures

Chapter VI: Denizens of the Deep

Chapter VII: Some Oddities of Fish Life

Chapter VIII: Sponge Fishing

Chapter IX: The Coral Architect

Chapter X: Deep-Sea Diving

Chapter XI: A Thrilling Fight with a Blue Shark

List of Illustrations:


As the illustrations have been re-formatted into the text, each is linked here to the relevant page upon which it appears in this digital edition..

Anxious moment

Attacking a shark

Baby turtles newly, hatched

Camera operator at work in the operating chamber

Capturing a saw-fish

Capturing a shark by baited hook

Crocodile's head

Deep-sea flora

Deep-sea grotto

Denizen of the deep

Different forms of life on the bed of the ocean

Diving chamber, with arm holes, invented by Captain Williamson

Diving suit

En route to the Bahama Islands

Exploring a wreck on the bed of the ocean

Fish taking bait from a line over the ocean bed

Flora and fauna of the West Indian seas

Flora on the bed of the West Indian seas

Foundation of the wall of the dock at Nassau

Glimpse of life at the bottom of the ocean

Governor of the Bahama Islands descending the Williamson submarine tube

Hauling a porpoise on board

Lowering the operating chamber into the sea through the well of the barge

Method by which the Williamson submarine pictures were taken

Midnight photography: Native diver swimming under the powerful mercury vapour lights

Mr Ernest Williamson awaiting an opportunity to make a dive

Mr Ernest Williamson ready to attack a shark

Mr Ernest Williamson ready to make a dive

Mr Williamson about to descend into the water

Mr Williamson exploring a portion of a wreck

Mr Williamson in diving dress exploring old wreck under the sea

Native attacking a blue shark

Native boy picking coins from the ocean bed

Native boys

Native boys diving for coins

Native diver carrying a knife in his mouth

Native diver tying an anchor rope at the bottom of the ocean

Native tying an anchor on the bed of the ocean

Native tying an anchor to the ocean bed

Native with a captured turtle

Native woman

Operating Chamber (close view)

Operating chamber ready for lowering into the water

Placing in position the huge circular glass plate which formed the window of the operating chamber

Porpoise captured by the expedition

Return of the deep-sea diver

Roots of the silk-cotton tree

Sea ferns bending in the direction of the ocean currents

Shark's head, close up

Sponge-fishing, native looking through a bucket with a glass bottom

"Stars and Stripes" fish

Williamson brothers, who originated the idea of submarine motion pictures

Wonderful variety of forms at the bottom of the ocean

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