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Preserving Printed Matter Matters

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Why Are Printed Books So Important?

As society becomes more and more entrenched in the digital age, it's simple to forget how important printed matter is. It's become so quick and easy to fire questions at your favourite search engine and then pick out the bits of information which seem relevant. However, there is a serious flaw in this approach: A very high proportion of the information available online and in ebooks is factually inaccurate. It is frequently prepared by people who have basic writing skills but little expertise when it comes to gathering accurate information and presenting it in an orderly manner.

With the exception of vanity publishing (see Glossary), printed books are often prepared by professional writers who are skilled researchers and wordsmiths. This is clearly important. The material they prepare has invariably gone through an editorial process whereby it is checked not just for presentation, but for accuracy too. For centuries writers have had to meet the high standards of the publishing industry (even when writing on niche subjects), but as the internet has expanded these standards have changed: The bar has been lowered.

Ultimately, books are knowledge and good, accurate knowledge is priceless. This is as true of good quality fiction as it is of the wealth of non-fiction subjects.

There are, of course, other reasons why people see books as being important and worthy of collecting:

  • Some people just love the physical form
  • The weight, the presentation and the binding
  • Others may be drawn to the often beautiful illustrations
  • Or the period advertising
  • Or a fascination for the printing processes used
  • A passion for reading
  • The love of a particular subject
  • The desire to invest
  • and a host of other reasons

This website will help you with collecting tips, bibliographies, price guides, biographical notes, book profiles and a whole lot more.

If you have found your way to, the chances are that you and I have a shared passion. Whatever the reasons for our passion, we will likely be further united in the mantra:

Preserving printed matter matters!